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Spring is almost here!

My latest reasons for not posting:

1. I had foot surgery three weeks ago (and it only cost $50).
2. I started an online Master of Education program (and it’s pretty intensive).
3. I started another Swedish course (and am hoping to get a job at a daycare right around the block from me, where I’ll have to speak [oh gasp], Swedish!).

But here are some photos from around the apartment:


It’s bright again in the mornings!


My first no-knead bread


Another batch of “bodycakes”, though the no. 58 makes me feel leery about pork consumption. https://swedeandsourkitchen.com/2014/02/13/kroppkakor-swedish-potato-dumplings/


…hints of spring

5 comments on “Spring is almost here!

  1. Eeks, what’s the #58 mean?

    So glad to see signs of spring there—I’m moving over in a few weeks (eeeks again!)😉

    • Gypsee
      March 9, 2014

      I guess it’s the number the pig got at the “farm”. Where are you moving to? Are you nervous? I’d love to hear from you once you’re here!

      • :/ re: #58
        🙂 re: our move. We’re going from NYC –> Stockholm. EXTREMELY NERVOUS!🙂 But very excited, too. And thanks, will keep in touch! Would be nice to “know” another NYer.

      • Gypsee
        March 9, 2014

        Well, good luck with the move. Can’t wait to hear how you settle in! On a whole other note, every time we visit NY, we do a Target run. Some things we have brought back here: Tabasco, lotion, Bounce dryer sheets, maple syrup.😉

  2. Thanks so much, Gypsee! I’ve been doing a few pre-move runs myself🙂.


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